Wet-Strength Quality & Durability

Abundant Wet-Strength Quality and Durability with Laminated Autotowels  Autocut laminated 2ply reflex rolls, commonly known as autotowels, are a popular pick in a variety of settings, including public restrooms, restaurants, food courts, department stores, industrial settings, schools, large-scale offices, and garages. Utilising a duel-level lamination process, our autocut rolls boast wet-strength superiority and durability. Thanks […]

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Our Trusty Laminated Hand Towels

Trusty Laminated Hand Towels for Spills, Sanitisation, and all Your Drying Needs  In the age of digital innovation and high-tech machinery to accomplish even the simplest of tasks, sometimes we forget the wonder of going back to basics, and that’s why we are so passionate about our premium laminated hand towels. This superb 19th-century innovation […]

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Autocut Paper Rolls – Quality Paper Products

When it comes to premium paper products, Wipe-it is the place to be. Known for durable, high-quality paper hygiene products, we’re the go-to solution for many businesses, educational institutions, governmental departments, and enterprises big and small. Quality paper products like our autocut paper rolls, hand towels, toilet paper, and serviettes can save you a great […]

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5 Benefits of Laminated Reflex Hand Towels

Laminated reflex hand towels are a popular paper hygiene product in many industries, and this is why they remain one of our most popular products. Known for their wet-strength durability and premium drying abilities, they are a great choice for any business. Laminated Reflex Hand Towels can be used in restrooms, kitchens, boardrooms, classrooms, and […]

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Wipe-it’s Laminated 2ply Reflex Rolls

Wet-Strength Durability with Wipe-it’s Laminated 2ply Reflex Rolls  Laminated 2ply reflex roll, popularly known as auto cut rolls, are well-suited to many applications from public restrooms and educational institutions to cafeterias and retail settings. This wet-strength paper offers absolute durability and is the perfect addition to any busy, public space. From cleaning up spills and […]

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Benefits of Laminated Hand Towels

The Undeniable Benefits of Laminated Hand Towels  It is estimated that around 62 % of people would much rather use laminated hand towels than electronic dryers, and this number is undoubtedly growing in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. With sanitisation and cleanliness gaining unwavering traction, many institutions have opted to get rid of the […]

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Mini Barrel Rolls and Paper Products Galore

The famed Roman Author Gaius Plinius Secundus, more commonly known as ‘Pinny the Elder’, once famously stated, “our civilization depends largely on paper.” Paper is the backbone of so many industries and so much of modern life. It is the very fabric of educational institutions and official departments and is used across the board in […]

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Choose Wipe-it for Superior Paper Hand Towels

Paper hand towels are a popular, everyday product that most of us use. Found in garages, schools, places of work, shopping centres, restaurants, and many other establishments, they offer an effective way to dry hands without the hassle of having to install electric drying machines. They have the additional bonus of being far more hygienic […]

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Four Formidable Facts About Serviettes

Paper serviettes – they’re a commonplace item that most of us have used at one point or another. We use them to wipe the corners of our mouths at dinner parties, to capture crumbs at cocktail events, or to clean our hands at a picnic. The serviette, one could argue, is as commonplace as the spoon. While crisp […]

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Folded Paper Towels

Choose Wipe-it for Superior Folded Paper Towels and Other Hygiene Products  Folded paper hand towels are a popular choice in various institutions, from restaurants and shopping centres to universities and creches. Folded paper towels are the obvious choice in any public space, offering ultimate hygiene, user ease, affordability, and durability. While electronic hand dryers were once a popular device, many […]

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Quality Auto Cut / Reflex Rolls for Every Operation

Auto cut / reflex rolls are a popular paper product in a myriad of institutions and establishments and can be used for multiple purposes. In the age of perpetual sanitisation, they are simply a must. With their wet strength, durability, and disposable nature, they are the perfect choice for keeping surfaces clean. The sanitisation of […]

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Folded Hand Towels

Fabulous Folded Hand Towels for Optimum Paper Hygiene Folded hand towels are one of those everyday paper products that we use pretty often but might not think about all that much. Well, unless they disintegrate in our hands – then we’ll be left with a clumpy ball of pulp in our palm and a very […]

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Laminated Folded Paper Hand Towels

Laminated Folded Hand Towels – From Humble Beginnings to Universal Acclaim The history of laminating and embossing paper hand towels dates back to the swinging 60s. While hippies were delighting in the wonders of Woodstock, civilians were protesting the Vietnam War, and the Beatles were enjoying global acclaim, innovations in the paper world were happening […]

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Wipe-it Garage Paper Rolls

Wipe-it Garage Paper Rolls – for Road Trips, Forecourts, Prestigious Institutions, and More Ah, garage rolls – a trusty part of every road trip adventure. We have all stopped at those 24-hour petrol stations – en route to somewhere more delightful – and utilised these sturdy paper rolls, dutiful located in every bathroom stall and […]

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Sappi Triple Green

Sappi Triple Green Loo Roll – Bulk Buying Brilliance If you are looking to bulk-buy high-quality loo roll at an affordable rate, then you have certainly come to the right place. Wipe-It and our team of paper specialists have the ideal solution for all your bathroom basics: Sappi Triple Green loo roll. Studies have shown that the […]

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2 Ply Virgin Toilet Paper

Roll with the Good times and Choose Our 2 Ply Virgin Toilet Paper While it might seem hard to envision a world without 2 ply virgin toilet paper, this popular commodity only became available to the public in 1942. The invention of 2 ply toilet paper transformed the paper industry as we know it today when the creation […]

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Laminated Reflex Hand Towels

Wipe Away Bathroom Blues with Our Bulk-Buy Laminated Reflex Hand Towels    Reflex paper towel dispensers are a popular choice in several industrial and commercial settings, and for an excellent reason. These dispensers are splash-proof, durable, and make the drying of hands an easy affair. However, much like a great car depends on quality fuel to get from A […]

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Laminated Folded Hand Towels

Let Us Be Your Roll-Models: Choose Superior Laminated Folded Hand Towels Today!  If you’re ready to let the good times roll and want to invest in quality paper hygiene products for your business, school, governmental department, medical institution, or office block, it’s time to explore our impressive product range here at Wipe-it. We pride ourselves on excellent […]

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