Quality Auto Cut / Reflex Rolls for Every Operation

Auto cut / reflex rolls are a popular paper product in a myriad of institutions and establishments and can be used for multiple purposes. In the age of perpetual sanitisation, they are simply a must. With their wet strength, durability, and disposable nature, they are the perfect choice for keeping surfaces clean. The sanitisation of surfaces has become the new order of the day, and auto cut/reflex rolls make this an easy feat. That’s why our auto cut/reflex rolls are so prevalent in schools, restrooms, industrial settings, public facilities, garages, retails stores, and fast-food outlets. They have also gleaned newfound popularity in gym settings and offer gym-goers an easy and effective way to sanitise equipment before and after use. Added to this, their durability makes them optimal for the drying of hands or countertops.

So, now you know where auto cut / reflex rolls work, it’s worth thinking about why ours are the best of the bunch? Well, it’s simple really, we choose quality every single time. When you choose our auto cut / reflex rolls at Wipe-it, we guarantee you:

  • Wet strength, durable paper for every wiping, drying, and sanitising need.
  • Ultimate luxury without skimping on strength.
  • Super high absorbency for all your drying needs.
  • SAPPI Triple Green quality.

So now you’re familiar with why our auto cut/ reflex rolls are so popular (did we mention their wet strength and enhanced durability?) Now it’s time to get into the price factor. While there might be cheaper picks on the market, these are often sub-par in terms of quality and require the use of more sheets to get the job done. When you crunch the numbers, you end up spending more since you often need twice or three times as many sheets to get the same job done.

We have different bulk-buying options based on your unique needs; options for our auto cut/reflex rolls include:

21GSM – 1 Ply Auto Cut

This option includes six rolls per pack and is a great starter option for smaller institutions such as pre-schools, smaller retail stores, or cafes. Each auto cut /reflex roll boasts a 200 mm width, 150 m of length per roll, and the bale weighs 3.8 kilograms.

35GSM – 1 Ply Auto Cut

Next up is the perfect pick for industrial settings. Boasting high absorbency and extra strength, these auto cut/reflex rolls won’t let you down. Each pack includes six rolls, which are also 200 mm wide and 150 m in length per roll. Each bale weighs 6.5 kilograms.

“Mystique” 39GSM 2 Ply Auto Cut

When it comes to auto cut / reflex rolls, the third option is our superior mystique choice, which offers two ply strength for ultimate comfort and strength. These industrial wipe grade reflex rolls come with six rolls per pack, each 210 mm wide and 125 m in length. Each bale weighs 6.8 kilograms.

Why Trust the Experts at Wipe-it?

We have been in the paper hygiene industry since 2002 and thus have close to two decades of experience to our name. While our auto cut/reflex rolls boast optimal strength, our business operations have also been going from strength to strength. We keep our finger on the pulse with innovations in the paper hygiene industry and work tirelessly to offer our clients outstanding paper products at an affordable rate. There’s a reason why we’re a trusted supplier to so many schools, government institutions, hospitals, garages, and malls in the country: Consistency and credibility. We offer various products, including toilet rolls (double-ply and single-ply), folded hand towels, serviettes, wet strength paper, barrel towels, garage rolls, and more. We are passionate about all things paper hygiene and love working with clients to find the best solutions for their individual applications.

If you want to up your paper hygiene game, it’s time to chat with the team. We’ll gladly offer you advice on what paper products will suit your unique needs and budget. Just give us a call on (012) 653 0372. You can also send us a message here and we will gladly advise on what products will work best. Whether you’re a private buyer or a reseller, we have many options available and cannot wait to hear from you!

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