Return Policy

Consumers can return goods under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA) when:

The direct marketing “cooling-off” period

In terms of s16 of the CPA, if a consumer has bought goods as a result of direct marketing, then for a period of 5 days after receiving the goods, the consumer can:

  • return the goods in the same/similar condition as received and in original packaging,
  • cancel the entire contract, and
  • receive a full refund (if not caused by own negligence).

The consumer will have to pay the costs to return the goods.

Goods which have not been seen before purchase

In terms of s20 (read with s19) of the CPA, if a consumer has not had the opportunity to examine or inspect the actual goods received before purchase, they are entitled to inspect the goods on delivery. If on this initial inspection, they find that the goods do not meet the ‘type’ or ‘quality’ they could reasonably expect from the agreement; or if the goods were made in terms of a special or ‘custom’ order, and the goods do not reasonably conform to the specifications of the order, then the consumer can:

  • refuse delivery,
  • receive a full refund, and
  • the consumer can cancel.

Goods do not meet a particular purpose

In terms of s55(3) (read with s20) of the CPA, if a consumer informs a supplier that the goods are being bought to fulfil a particular purpose, and the supplier advises that the goods will meet this particular purpose then 10 days after receiving the goods, the consumer can return the goods if it is not suitable for the particular purpose, and the consumer can cancel without penalty.

It is important to note that despite the above, the consumer is not entitled to return goods for any of the above reasons (1)-(3) if:

  • regulation prohibits the return of those goods to a supplier once they have been supplied to a consumer (for reasons of public health or public), or
  • after having been supplied to a consumer, the goods have been partially or entirely disassembled, altered, added or combined with other goods or property.

Implied warranty of quality

In terms of s56 (read with s55) of the CPA, all goods sold to a consumer are sold with an implied warranty of quality, that cannot be contracted out of or revoked. The warranty gives the consumer the right to receive goods that:

  • are reasonably suitable for the purpose that they are intended to be used for,
  • are of good quality, free of defects and in good working order, and
  • will be durable and usable for a reasonable period of time.

If goods are found not to comply with these requirements, then, 10 days after receiving the goods, the consumer can:

  • return the goods, or
  • get the goods replaced, or

The consumer can do any of these things without penalty and at the supplier’s cost.

However, a consumer will not be able to return the goods because it was defective or not suitable for the purpose if:

  • the consumer was made aware of the specific defects, and
  • the consumer agreed to receive the goods in that condition.

Special Size Orders

In the event a consumer requests a specific size and/or order the return policy will not be applicable. NO returns will be accepted and/or allowed.

Any returns after abovementioned periods, a 20% handling fee will be charged.