Standard Terms & Conditions


Shall mean WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD, with Registration number: 2023/966869/07 or any of its holding, subsidiary, associated or affiliated companies, their successors in title and assignees;

Granting of Credit Facility:

The decision whether or not to grant credit to the PURCHASER/APPLICANT is in the sole discretion of WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD. A credit agreement between the PURCHASER/APPLICANT and WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD will not have been concluded until WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD has communicated its acceptance of this credit application to the PURCHASER/APPLICANT, which acceptance (or rejection, as the case may be) shall be communicated either orally or in writing. All credit facilities shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this credit application form, unless otherwise agreed to in writing and signed by both parties.

Payment Terms

Payments to be made no later than the Last Day of every Month. Strictly within thirty days nett from date of statement. No settlement discount shall be granted.

Payment Terms for Special Orders/Size

All fees due to us will be payable, in full before any special orders will be manufactured and/or delivered.

Overdue Account

Interest on overdue accounts at the maximum rate of interest allowed in law from time to time, may be charged without further notification and without prejudice to such other rights as WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD may have. The PURCHASER/APPLICANT shall not be entitled to rely on the benefit of exceptio non causa debiti.

Damaged Items

Claims in respect of damaged and/or defective goods or shortages will be considered only if notification is received within ten days of delivery date.

Ownership of Unpaid Goods

The right of ownership of goods remains vested in the WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD until payment is received in full for the purchased goods.


WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD reserves the right at any time to cancel, withdraw, vary or amend any credit facility granted to the PURCHASER/APPLICANT, without prior notice. In the event that WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD withdraws or cancels such credit facilities, all amounts owing by the PURCHASER/APPLICANT to WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD will immediately become due, owing and payable.


The PURCHASER/APPLICANT hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in respect of action taken for the recovery of any amounts due or any other dispute arising from this Agreement, in terms of section 45 of the mgistrate’s Court Act 32 of 1944 as amended.


The PURCHASER/APPLICANT hereby agrees to pay all costs in respect of any legal action taken for the recovery of any amounts due or any other dispute arising from this Agreement on the attorney & client scale. Subsequently, in the event of there being any legal action arising out of this agreement the PURCHASER/APPLICANT waives his right to request security for costs from the WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD in terms of rule 62 of Act 32 of 1944 as amended.


The PURCHASER/APPLICANT warrants that all the information contained in this credit application form is true and correct and authorises WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD to use any reasonable means to verify this information.

Suretyship If the agreement is signed by a person purporting to act for and on behalf of The PURCHASER/APPLICANT, he shall be deemed to warrant that he is duly authorized to sign this agreement and shall by his signature hereto, bind himself in favour of WIPE-IT (PTY) LTD as surety and co-principal debtor, under renunciation of the benefits of division, excursion and session of action, for the due performance of all the obligations of the said PURCHASER/APPLICANT in terms of or arising out of this agreement or any cancellation thereof, the term of this Agreement shall commence on the date hereof and shall be perpetual.