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Folded paper hand towels are a popular choice in various institutions, from restaurants and shopping centres to universities and creches. Folded paper towels are the obvious choice in any public space, offering ultimate hygiene, user ease, affordability, and durability. While electronic hand dryers were once a popular device, many public institutions have opted to turn these machines off, favouring more sanitary solutions. If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that sanitisation and curbing the spread of the virus are paramount. 

Folded paper hand towels, since they are disposable, avoid cross-contamination, allowing each person to dry their hands and safely dispose of the towel thereafter. When you choose Wipe-it and our premium quality, locally manufactured folded paper towels, you are guaranteed: 

  • Advanced strength: Thanks to our specialised dual-level lamination process, our folded hands towels offer users ultimate durability and strength. This means that they can stand up to the wettest of hands without breaking or turning into pulp. Thanks to this durability, one sheet will suffice per person and wastage is kept to a minimum. This also enhances the overall cleanliness of your restroom. Long gone are the days of soggy bits of paper pulp leaving a messy trail along the bathroom countertop. 
  • Enhanced sanitisation: Thanks to their single sheet dispensing nature, our folded hand towels prevent cross-contamination. This keeps things extra sanitary in public restrooms and enhances hygiene levels. 
  • Cost-savings: When you buy premium quality paper hygiene products made from SAPPI Triple Green, you end up saving. Sub-par products are not as absorbent, and more sheets are needed to get the job done. Opting for wet strength paper ensures that one hand towel will dry hands effectively, and as such, each pack of our folded hand towels will go a long way. Moreover, electronic hand dryers are costly to run. These hand towels will save you on electricity costs and are particularly useful when that dreaded load-shedding strikes. 
  • Multi-use: Happily, these products can be used in various settings, and buying a box can lend itself to several applications. Use them in restrooms, cafeterias, outdoor events, and more. In fact, more and more individuals are even using these towels in their private bathrooms, offerings guests a sanitary solution to drying their hands. 

Here at Wipe-it, we have an array of paper hygiene offerings to suit different needs. Our folded paper towels are no different and are available in the following quantities:

  • Packs of 2400: This offering comes in 12 packs with 200 sheets, and there are a total of 2400 sheets in each box. Each box weighs 4.5 kilograms, and the dimensions are 480 mm X 285 mm X 305 mm.  
  • Packs of 2000: This pick comes in 10 packs with 200 sheets, and there are a total of 2000 sheets in the box. Each box weighs 4 kilograms, and the dimensions are 515 mm X 285 mm X 245 mm. 

Your 1-stop shop for all Paper Hygiene Products 

Here at Wipe-it, we have been in the business of paper hygiene products since 2002, priding ourselves on premium products built to last. With close to two decades of experience to our name, we keep going from strength to strength, expanding our product offerings to meet current demands. We offer a range of paper products, including:

  • Folded Hand Towels
  • Laminated 2-ply reflex rolls
  • Single-ply virgin toilet paper Decca toilet rolls 
  • Auto cut/ reflex rolls 
  • Garage rolls
  • Serviettes, and 
  • Mini barrel rolls 

We also understand that each industry has different needs and are happy to curate a bespoke quote for your particular endeavour. Whether you run a small-scale office or a more prominent public enterprise such as a governmental institution, we have solutions for you. Opt to calculate costs via our online price calculator or contact us for a quote. You can also give us a call on 012 653 0372. Whatever your paper needs, we are the team for the job! We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of every paper solution. We are on a roll when it comes to our diverse offerings, and our impressive price factor and quality are bound to delight. 

Folded Hand Towels

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