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When it comes to premium paper products, Wipe-it is the place to be. Known for durable, high-quality paper hygiene products, we’re the go-to solution for many businesses, educational institutions, governmental departments, and enterprises big and small. Quality paper products like our autocut paper rolls, hand towels, toilet paper, and serviettes can save you a great deal of money in the long run and mean that wastage is kept to a minimum. Our autocut paper rolls are a cost-effective and premium solution for many businesses and often the go-to choice in public restrooms, industrial settings, schools, and fast-food outlets. These paper rolls can be used for various applications, from hand-drying to sanitising surfaces and everything in between. In these precarious times, they make for an excellent sanitisation solution, with many sectors choose to keep them on hand for regular sanitisation processes. Here we explore four benefits of choosing Wipe-it and our quality autocut rolls, and more.

Benefits of Wipe-it’s Autocut Paper Rolls

1.High-Quality Products 

Our SAPPI Tripple Green paper offers wet-strength quality, ultimate luxury, and extra high-absorbency. Premium paper hygiene products get the job done fast. Rather than having to use multiple sheets of paper to wipe up spills or sanitise surfaces, one or two sheets will suffice. This saves money and gets the job done fast. 

2. Versatility of Quantities

  • Every business is different and has different size needs. Thus, paper products need to cater to varying businesses sizes. Depending on your unique applications, you can enjoy a few size options when you opt for our auto cut solutions. Two popular autocut roll quantities include:
  • 21-Grams per Square Meter 1 Ply Autocut: This option comes in 6 rolls per pack. Each roll boasts a width of 200mm and a length of 150 m, making it a cost-effective choice. Each bale weighs 3.8 kilograms, making it a lightweight solution. Use code AC03 for this option. 
  • 35- Grams per Square Meter 1 Ply Autocut: The next option works best in industrial settings and is hardier than the former. Each pack comes in 6 rolls, also 200 mm wide and 150 m in length. However, since it offers 35 grams per square meter, it is a more durable option. Each bale weighs 6.5 kilograms. Use code AC01 for this solution. 

3. Affordability 

Quality products do not have to break the bank or cause financial stress. Here at Wipe-it, we strive to amalgamate premium quality with affordability, sourcing the best materials that we can. Rest assured that you are getting products that work and streamline all tasks related to paper hygiene. 

4. Explore the Wipe-it Product Universe Today 

We have been in the paper hygiene world since 2002 and thus have close to two decades of experience in our name. Since then, we have been going from strength to strength, offering clientele high-grade, wet-strength paper products created to get the job done. We work hard to constantly improve our product offerings, taking client feedback and client needs into account with every product launch and deal. We take customer satisfaction seriously, always striving to open communication lines and deliver products that inspire. Each order is curated in a timely and professional manner. Many of our clients work in high-paced, service-related industries where time is of the essence. This is why delivery is so important to us. We are also always on hand to advise our customers on what products and quantities will best suit their needs. Many customers make use of our free cost calculation tool prior to ordering. This ensures that customers clearly understand how much their industrial tissue products will cost and allows you to work out how much you are paying per sheet. While many companies have seemingly excellent fly-by-night deals, upon closer inspection, many of these fall short and can end up costing buyers more. For quality you can trust, check out our autocut rolls and more.

For any queries or advice, feel free to contact our expert team. We will happily guide you on what products and amounts will best work for your application. With clients in an array of industries, we have experience in numerous sectors, from hospitality to industrial applications. Give us a call on 012 653 0372 or send us an email at We look forward to working alongside you and finding the best products for the job at hand. 

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