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Paper hand towels are a popular, everyday product that most of us use. Found in garages, schools, places of work, shopping centres, restaurants, and many other establishments, they offer an effective way to dry hands without the hassle of having to install electric drying machines. They have the additional bonus of being far more hygienic too, and in these precarious times, sanitisation is undoubtedly the order of the day.

When it comes to these towels, it is essential to opt for high-quality, wet-strength paper. While cheaper hand towels might seem like a bargain, they can often cost you more in the long run. When you opt for more affordable products, they might disintegrate when met with wet hands. In turn, more and more towels are needed per person, and costs can add up fast. This is why we are the proud manufacturers of premium hand towels. When you roll with our tried and tested double-ply range at Wipe-it, you are guaranteed the following: 

  • Dual lamination for added strength: Thanks to our innovative dual lamination process, our SAPPI Triple Green paper hand towels offer ultra-strength and absorbency. When you opt for wet-strength paper, you are assured excellent hand-drying and no paper pulp when the hand towel gets wet. This means that most people will only need one towel to dry their hands, thus saving you money and ensuring that your pack of paper towels lasts longer.
  • Less waste: Since our hand towels are compatible with single dispensing machines, there is much less wastage. When dispensers release numerous towels at the same time, wastage is imminent as people will often take more paper towels than they need. 
  • Ultra-hygiene: Above durability and monetary savings, these hand towels also have a hygiene advantage. Conventional material towels collect bacteria and cannot be safely used in busy restrooms in case of cross contamination, and electric hand dryers are known to disperse bacteria around the room. In the current times, where sanitisation is paramount, both options won’t work. This is why these hand towels have gleaned newfound popularity over the past year, assuring ultimate hygiene and cleanliness in even the busiest of bathrooms with lots of foot traffic.
  • No need for electricity: Another advantage of these products is that they can be used anywhere. When the dreaded load shedding kicks in, guests or customers can still happily dry their hands without hassle. This also saves on the electricity bill and means that these towels can be used anywhere without operational electricity. Take these paper products on camping trips, picnics, beach visits, or any outdoor event.
Paper Hand Towels

Explore Bulk Deals with Wipe-It 

Wipe-it is the obvious solution if you are ready to up your paper hand towel game for an affordable price. This is why we have some fantastic bulk deals on offer. If you are interested in our paper towels, you can choose from the following options:

A box of 2400: This option comes in 12 packs of 200 sheets, and there are 2400 sheets in the box. The box dimensions are 480 mm x 285 mm x 305 mm and weighs 4.5 kilograms. Use the code FOL01 for this option.

A box of 2000: This option comes in 10 packs of 200 sheets, and there are 2000 sheets in the box. The box dimensions are 515 mm x 285 mm x 245 mm and weighs 4 kilograms. Use the code FOL02 for this option.

If you need advice on which option to choose for your establishment, you can chat with our expert team at Wipe-it. We will gladly chat with you about what paper hygiene products will best suit your needs and advise you accordingly.

Trust the Experts at Wipe-it

The team at Wipe-it continually strive to enhance their product offerings to meet the growing demands of the paper hygiene market. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, premium products, and service with a smile. No matter how big or small your product needs. Give us a call on 012 653 0372 or send an email to You can also utilise our awesome calculator tool here and explore how much of a particular item you need for your operation. We look forward to hearing from you and being the solution to all your paper needs.

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