2 Ply Virgin Toilet Paper

Roll with the Good times and Choose Our 2 Ply Virgin Toilet Paper

While it might seem hard to envision a world without 2 ply virgin toilet paper, this popular commodity only became available to the public in 1942. The invention of 2 ply toilet paper transformed the paper industry as we know it today when the creation of double-ply loo paper rolled into the production line at the St Andrews Paper Mill in the United Kingdom. Prior to this invention, toilet paper had been known to contain splinters, and thus, a trip to the loo could often be a precarious and even painful affair. Roll in the creation of double-ply toilet paper and comfort as we know it soon became the order of the day. When you add virgin loo roll to the mix, you’re in for an even more satisfying experience. 

It is estimated that the average person uses about 57 sheets of toilet roll a day, and thus it’s an everyday commodity that we cannot live without. This lesson was perhaps best learnt when Covid-19 entered the scene, and toilet roll hoarders became a common-place phenomenon in all corners of the globe. Amid a global pandemic, it seems we had one concern – not running out of loo roll. Understandably, none of us wanted to be caught with our pants down, and this is why our 2 ply virgin toilet paper has remained a bestseller. It boasts comfort and luxury without the stress of a hefty price tag. It’s a popular product for a couple of excellent reasons, such as:

  • It’s soft and extra-absorbent: 2 ply or double-ply loo roll has the benefit of extra comfort thanks to two layers of virgin paper. Thus, it’s an excellent choice for anyone in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Since it is extra absorbent, it’s also a preferred option by many in residential settings too.
  • It speaks to luxury and sophistication: Since 2ply is regarded as more luxurious than its 1ply counterpart, it’s also a great option if you want to impress business associates and create an element of luxury in your office space.
  • It embodies an elegant, embossed design: Sometimes, it really is about those small touches. Our double-ply virgin toilet roll boasts a classic design and thus will impress anyone with an eye for detail. 
  • It’s laminated for extra strength and hygiene: Laminating our virgin loo roll enhances its bulk and ensures extra comfort and hygiene. 

Buy Our 2 Ply Virgin Toilet Paper in Bulk and Choose Quality and Affordability 

Joni Mitchell once famously sang that you “don’t know what you got till it’s gone”, and this could be no truer than when it comes to toilet paper. Running out, be it in a residential or commercial setting, such as an office, university, or school, is simply not an option. This is why it’s always a great idea to stock up and buy in bulk so that you’re never left in the lurch while on the loo. When it comes to our double-ply loo rolls, buying in bulk can truly save the day. Packaging specifications when you choose our 2ply virgin toilet paper include:

  • 350 sheets per roll of 2ply virgin toilet paper (as per the South African National Standard)
  • Two packages of 24 loo rolls (48 in total)
  • A weight of 6.5 kilograms per bale of 48 toilet rolls 

Choose Wipe-It Today! Double the Ply, Double the Quality

Our double-ply rolls work brilliantly in a number of busy commercial settings, from shopping centres and schools to medical institutions and governmental departments. We strive to amalgamate quality with affordability every single time, and this is why we’ve grown from strength to strength over the years. Having been in the industry since 2002, we have close to two decades of experience under our belts and consider ourselves experts on all things related to paper hygiene products. We continuously strive to expand our offerings, and products currently include loo rolls, garage rolls, wet strength paper, serviettes, and more. 

Chat with our friendly team today, and we will gladly advise you on what products will work best for your budget and hospitality and hygiene needs. When it comes to paper hygiene products, Wipe-It have you covered. We look forward to hearing from you!

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