Sappi Triple Green

Sappi Triple Green Loo Roll – Bulk Buying Brilliance

If you are looking to bulk-buy high-quality loo roll at an affordable rate, then you have certainly come to the right place. Wipe-It and our team of paper specialists have the ideal solution for all your bathroom basics: Sappi Triple Green loo roll. Studies have shown that the average human will flush the toilet 2500 times a year. Suppose you are running a large institution such as an office, school, university, shopping mall, medical facility, or governmental department. In that case, this can quickly add up to millions of flushes per annum. Ultimately, every flush costs you money, and thus, you need to opt for affordable toilet rolls such as our Sappi Triple Green. Instead of flushing away your hard-earned cash on over-priced paper products, choose a fantastically priced solution that won’t compromise quality or break the bank. Choose our Triple Green range today.

When you choose Sappi Triple Green, there are a number of undeniable benefits. These include:

  • The cost factor: There is no denying that 1ply options, such as our Sappi Triple Green, boast absolute affordability. Depending on the size of your business or institution, you could be going through thousands of sheets of toilet roll a month. Thus, many who need to buy in bulk choose our Sappi Triple Green rolls. While you save on cost, you certainly don’t miss out on quality or comfort.
  • A lighter load for mass flushing: While 2ply is often seen as the more luxurious choice and popular in hospitality industries and restaurants, many companies consider 1ply rolls if there will be flushing on mass. 1ply is lighter on septic tanks, and if your institution experiences hundreds of flushes per day, this might be the better option. 
  • A drought-savvy solution: 1ply dissolves more rapidly and is also well-suited to those drought situations when we want to save water and diminish the stress on our water tanks.
  • High-absorbency and strength: Since we are specialists in the paper hygiene industry, we ensure that all of our products embody complete quality and durability. Despite being 1ply, the Sappi Triple Green loo roll is super absorbent and strong and thus, makes every trip to the loo a comfortable one. 

Buy Sappi Triple Green in Bulk and Enjoy Savings Galore 

Buying in bulk is the smart option if you want to save money but do not want to miss out on quality. Luckily, our Sappi Triple Green products come in three bulk-buy options depending on the size of your corporation. Namely:

  • 500 sheets: This option comes in bales of 48, 24, or 10. As per the South African National Standard, each roll has 500 sheets. A 48-pack bale weighs 5 kilograms. 
  • Four hundred sheets: These rolls come in packs of 48, and the bale weighs 4.4 kilograms.
  • 300 sheets: Our 300-sheet Sappi Triple Green rolls also come in packs of 48 and weigh 3.1 kilograms per bale.

This is one of the most popular paper hygiene products in South Africa, and we assure our customers quality and consistency every single time. Thanks to Sappi wadding, these loo rolls are durable and won’t let you down. Added to this, they are an affordable, budget-friendly solution and are therefore well-suited to anyone needing to buy in bulk. 

Chat with the Specialists at Wipe-It Today 

If you are unsure about what paper hygiene products will work best for your needs or plumbing set-up, then it’s time to chat with the Wipe-It specialists. We’re a solution-driven team, and we will happily advise you on what products will best suit your budget and needs. Having close to twenty years in the paper hygiene industry means that we always have our finger on the pulse with new innovations and products in the field. As such, we are well equipped to offer you excellent advice no matter your industry. Be sure to also explore our other paper offerings, including garage roll, serviettes, 2ply virgin toilet paper, laminated paper towels, and more. 

Roll with the experts at Wipe-It, and contact us today. We will happily answer any paper-related questions and offer expert advice personally tailored to your unique paper hygiene needs. Choose Wipe-It for ultimate quality and durability every single time and save the big bucks along the way.

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