Wipe-it Garage Paper Rolls

Wipe-it Garage Paper Rolls – for Road Trips, Forecourts, Prestigious Institutions, and More

Ah, garage rolls – a trusty part of every road trip adventure. We have all stopped at those 24-hour petrol stations – en route to somewhere more delightful – and utilised these sturdy paper rolls, dutiful located in every bathroom stall and shop floor. Sometimes something so commonplace can seem forgettable, but with the current pandemic, the need for these robust garage rolls has become all the more pertinent.

They are now in higher demand than ever before; located on gym floors so that patrons can wipe down their mechanical equipment after an exhilarating workout, in schools, so that students can safely sanitise their desks before their next math class, and in offices so that colleagues can keep each other safe. Once relegated to petrol stations and shop floors, the garage roll has undoubtedly made a comeback, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So, What Makes the Garage Paper Rolls at Wipe-it a Cut Above the Rest?

When it comes to paper products and particularly paper rolls, it is all about the quality of the paper. Sub-par paper will disintegrate when met with a wet hand and fail tremendously at their most essential job – to dry said hand before the customer or user goes on their merry way. This is why here at Wipe-it, we utilise only the highest quality of materials to prevent such an occurrence. We can assure patrons that every wet hand will be met with the reliable embrace of a paper roll that can do its job right. Our superior quality paper ensures durability every time, and this is why our customers are repeat ones. So, what makes our garage rolls so special? Well, let us tell you!

Our products are proudly made from Sapi Triple Green Virgin Tissue Paper, and this is why our garage rolls are built to last. “But what does this mean for the everyday person?” an individual unfamiliar with the world of paper might lament. Well, it means that our garage rolls are extra absorbent and strong. Thus, they can withstand an array of environments and scenarios and work tirelessly to dry wet hands, wipe dirty surfaces, and get the job done with ease. Added to the superior strength and absorbency, however, is the cost factor. We’ve found the sweet spot between quality and affordability, and thus, we are a crucial player in the paper hygiene industry. Because of this excellent value benefit, we are the ideal choice for any large institution – be it a school, hospital, governmental department – that needs reliable paper products to clean numerous surfaces.

The benefits of Wipe-it’s garage paper rolls are thus bountiful and include:

  • Fantastic quality ingredients: Thanks to Sapi Green Virgin Tissue Paper, our garage paper is strong and absorbent. This makes for easier hand drying and surface cleaning.
  • Durability leads to less paper waste: When you use a quality paper towel, you can dry your hands or clean a surface in a second without the stress of disintegration. This means that you use fewer paper sheets over time, and in consequence, you save money by avoiding any waste.
  • Fantastic pricing: Added to the physical advantages of our garage rolls is the impeccable price factor, and this makes our garage rolls a cost-effective, business-boosting solution.
  • Various quantities available: We know that every institution is different, and this is why we have different quantities and weights available for different needs. Understandably, a hospital that experiences ample foot traffic every day will need more paper products than a small pre-school. Thus, there are diverse quantity options available, and they can be seen here.

Roll with Wipe-it for Ultimate Peace of Mind

When it comes to garage rolls, toilet paper, kitchen towels, and more, we are the place to be and the team to trust. With almost 20 years in the paper hygiene industry, we have stood the test of time and always keep our finger firmly on the pulse with innovations in paper technology. If you are looking for high-quality products for a fantastic price, Wipe-it is who you have been looking for! Chat with us today, and we will happily advise you on the best products for your individual needs. When you roll with us, you won’t go wrong!

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