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If you’re ready to let the good times roll and want to invest in quality paper hygiene products for your business, school, governmental department, medical institution, or office block, it’s time to explore our impressive product range here at Wipe-it. We pride ourselves on excellent quality paper offerings, and our product universe boasts an array of durable paper products, including our popular laminated folded hand towels, toilet rolls, garage rolls, serviettes, and more. 

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of sanitisation and hygiene in all sectors. Bathroom hygiene is thus paramount to prevent further transmission of viruses. It also ensures that sanitary conditions prevail in your place of work. For these reasons, you need to choose a supplier who is at the fore of hygienic innovation and opt for single sheet dispensing laminated folded hand towels. Single sheet systems stop possible cross-contamination and guarantee better sanitisation of the bathroom space. In our books, that is a major win! 

Wipe Away Bacteria and More!

“So, what are these laminated folded hand towels you speak of and why are they better than conventional paper towels or hand-dryers?” 

Laminated folded hand towels are made with an innovative dual-lamination process, and this ensures their superior softness, absorbency, and strength. There is nothing worse than a thin paper towel that breaks into a million pieces on its first meeting with a wet hand. This can create an unnecessary mess and water spills in public toilets and bathrooms and will certainly not speak to the professionalism and cleanliness that you want to showcase to clients and employees. Laminated paper products, on the other hand, absorb water brilliantly and leave hands feeling dry and ready to face the day. For the extra hygiene-conscious amongst us, you can even use the towel to open the bathroom door when you’re finished with it. 

Unfortunately, electronic dryers, although popular, also have several problems. The hot air spreads bacteria around bathrooms – not ideal amid a global pandemic – and one machine in a small space can lead to needless crowding. Again, not a great scenario in the age of social distancing. Electronic dryers also make a loud, somewhat unpleasant sound and during load-shedding or electrical shorts, are rendered useless. Thus, paper hand towels, and particularly laminated ones, offer unparalleled drying abilities and better hygiene. 

The Benefits of Choosing Wipe-it’s Laminated Folded Paper Towels

The benefits of choosing laminated paper hand towels for your business are abundant. Some of the key advantages include: 

  • Better hygiene: Unlike electronic dryers which blow bacteria around, or conventional paper hand towels that easily break, laminated towels enhance hygiene and allow you to wipe bacteria away before disposal. 
  • More absorbent drying abilities: Thanks to their extra-high absorbency, these towels will dry hands properly every time. This ensures minimal mess and keeps the bathroom looking professional and clean. 
  • Less wastage due to single-sheet dispensing systems: Unlike multi-sheet dispensers which allow for multiple sheets to be used at once, our single-sheet system ensures that wastage and overuse are kept to a minimum. This cuts costs and saves your company a great deal in money and resources in the long run.
  • No reliance on electricity: Most South Africans are well versed on the plight of load-shedding by now. Unfortunately, many machines, such as electronic dryers simply do not work during these blackouts, and thus alternative solutions are needed.
  • Bulk deals available: Since Wipe-it is a key player in supplying businesses in the Gauteng region and beyond with bulk paper products, we have some fantastic deals available. We really do have something for every budget and need. We have two options available for our clients when it comes to folded laminated towels, namely 2400 items that come in 12 packs of 200 sheets or 2000 items that come in 10 packs of 200 sheets. Check out our handy calculator tool for expert calculations on industrial tissue products. 

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If you want to explore our paper hygiene products, then it is time to chat with the team at Wipe-it or request a free, zero-obligation quote. No matter how big or small the job, we would love to be a part of your solution. We have been in the business of paper hygiene since 2002 and thus have almost two decades of experience to our name. Roll with us at Wipe-it, and you won’t be disappointed! 

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